Healthy Life

We believe that health should be monitored continually at home under the supervision of your physician, and not just during infrequent physician visits.

Professional Team

Our team includes Jordan Sennett, M.D., who is board certified in internal medicine and endocrinology, and has had many years of experience caring for patients.


Dr. Sennett offers complimentary expert advice to you and your physician regarding appropriate medical devices for your needs.

About HealthE.Tech

HealthE.Tech sells medical devices for the home to help people monitor their health and connect to their physician. These devices can monitor temperature, blood pressure, EKG, lung function, urinalysis, glucose, oxygen, sleep, and body composition. When necessary these devices are FDA cleared for the home, and can report results to a physician.
We believe that monitoring health at home will improve the timeliness and quality of medical care, and lower cost.

About Us

HealthE.Tech is a retail store that sells personal medical devices to enable people to monitor their health at home and communicate with their physician.

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What Makes Us Special?

HealthE.Tech is owned and operated by Jordan Sennett, M.D. He can provide complimentary expert advice regarding personal medical devices to you and your doctor.

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"HealthE.Tech was very helpful in recommending equipment to monitor my medical condition at home and connect to my physician."

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